Emergency Generator Repair in Houston & The Woodlands, TX

A generator is an invaluable piece of equipment for your home or business. When the city power supply has an outage, a generator provides you with the electricity you need. However, your generator will only be effective if you keep it in good condition. At the first sign of a problem, seek help from a professional who provides comprehensive generator repairs.

We offer a variety of premier generator services, including emergency generator repair. When you call us, we respond quickly because we understand the importance of restoring a faulty machine. Our goal is to secure your home with a dependable and high-quality standby generator. Repair and installation services are available for residential and commercial applications.

Generator Repair That Fix the Problem

Your generator is a complex machine, which means any number of things can go wrong with it. For example, there may be a leak in the fuel tank, a dirty air filter, or a loose wire that connects to a spark plug. If possible, do some troubleshooting before you call for our generator repair service, so that you are able to explain in detail what happens when you try to turn on the generator.

Even if you don't have the skills or tools to do troubleshooting, we'll do a complete diagnostic when we arrive. A complete system check allows us to accurately diagnose the problem in order to make the necessary repairs. After our work is completed, your generator functions efficiently again.

Jump-start Your Machine with Generator Repair Service

A backup generator is designed to automatically turn on when your home or business loses city power. If it's not responding as it should, call us for fast and efficient generator repair service. We're fully equipped to repair any type of generator from older versions to the newest makes and models.

We replace faulty hardware with the highest quality parts and make sure that it's in top-notch condition with a practice run. If your generator is out-of-date and no longer efficient enough to protect your home, we offer excellent recommendations for an upgrade based on your residential or commercial needs.

Generator Installation - Emergency Generator Installation

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From Generator Repairs to Installation

If your generator is beyond repair, we install a new one for you. Our master electricians can install automatic, standby natural gas and propane generators. We wire the generator to an automatic transfer switch or electrical panel so that it will automatically turn on during a power outage. Similarly to our generator repair service, our installations focus on quality.

During generator installation, our plumbers will run the gas lines to the gas meter, which provides uninterrupted fuel from the gas meter or on-site propane tank. Our electricians are trained to provide quick and correct installations that comply with all applicable building codes. We'll simulate a power outage to test that your newly installed generator is running properly.

Prevent the Need for Generator Repair Services

Backup generators don't typically get a lot of use, so they tend to stay in good condition. Like any machine though, a little preventative maintenance helps you to avoid the need for generator repairs. You should always turn off the gas after using the machine and keep a fresh supply of gas and spark plugs.

To make sure that your generator will work when you need it, give it a test run every month. Because some problems are related to dirty air filters, you should keep a spare one on hand. Finally, maintenance from a professional technician is the ideal way to preserve the condition of your generator. Regular maintenance not only saves you money on generator repairs in the long-run, it also gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your generator is fully functioning when the time comes to use it.

Contact us for emergency generator repair that restores the functionality of your machine. We serve customers in the surrounding areas of Cypress, Tomball, Katy, Waller, and Jersey Village, Texas, and the surrounding area.

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