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Safeguard the power in your home by making an investment in a standby generator you can depend on. When a storm rolls through and the power goes out, you have no idea how long it may take before the lines are repaired. Instead of taking a gamble that could put the safety and comfort of your family at risk, make the smart move and purchase one of our reliable Generac™ generators. This integrated power solution is designed to automatically sense any outage and snap into action when your family is in need.

As an authorized dealer for Generac residential generators in this area, we are an exclusive source for essential components, including Generac transfer switches. These switches can be wired specifically with your home in mind, meaning you choose the essential coverage products you need powered during any outage. When you establish a partnership with our team of skilled technicians, we take the time to develop a system that meets your specific needs. Our Generac residential generators come in a variety of sizes depending on the load needed at your location.

Generac Generator - Generac Generators Houston, TX

You’ll never have to leave your family sitting in the dark after any disaster when you invest in an installation of one of our home generators. Instead of spending too much money on a generator after a storm has passed, plan ahead and have a reliable generator installed by an experienced technician with the right tools for the job. In addition, this generation includes an automatic option that helps you avoid the dangers of carbon monoxide exposure and keeps your family safe.

Customized Generac Transfer Switches

After a full review of your residence and an evaluation of your particular needs when it comes to backup power, our team can design a system that backs up selected circuits with the help of Generac transfer switches. This component is designed to detect a power outage so that your generator can be activated as soon as it is needed. Instead of putting yourself and your family at risk while the storm is still raging, this transfer switch automatically activates the specific circuits you choose as your priorities. Every family and residence is different, and many customers have specific needs when it comes to backup power.

Choose the circuits that are most needed during any power outage. Generac offers a series of switches that are appropriate for residential and commercial systems. If your electrical panel is located outside of your residence, these switches include weatherproof conduits for additional protection and convenience.

Proven Generac Residential Generators

Protect the investment you have made in your home by choosing from our broad selection of Generac residential generators. These generators come in a variety of sizes that are appropriate for the broad range of home sizes we have in this area. We have experienced catastrophic storms before, and it is only a matter of time before the next one strikes.

Instead of taking a chance with your family’s safety just to save a few dollars, make the right move and purchase an integrated backup power solution from our company. Our generators come in a variety of sizes, including:

  • 22KW Generac Generator  
  • 27KW Generac Generator  
  • 36KW Generac Generator  
  • 48KW Generac Generator  
  • 70KW Generac Generator
  • 100KW Generac Generator 

22kv Generac Generator

50kw Generac Generator

100kw Generac Generator

Generac is an industry leader when it comes to power generation solutions for homes and businesses. Our Generac home generators are ready to provide you with the power you need at any time of day or night. Keep essential systems, including lighting, refrigeration, and heating and cooling, operating when you need them the most. Generac also offers a series of generators for commercial and industrial clients as well. This proven industry leader also offers portable generating solutions for recreational vehicles, and its OHVI engine is designed to last longer than others on the market today.

First-rate Generac Power Systems

Generac is a leading nationwide generator dealer that is solely dedicated to delivering high-quality generators for any type of purpose.

Generac offers various generator series and lineups for the following types of systems:

  • Residential Generator: Protects your home from unpredictable power failure and weather 24/7; Generac generators will power household essentials such as lighting, refrigeration, heating and cooling
  • Stanby Generator: Backup generator system for your home during power outages during storms or unexpected loss of power
  • Commercial Generator: Allows businesses, such as restaurants and retail stores, to stay open during unexpected outages
  • Industrial Generator: Provides health care, manufacturing and research facilities with automatic standby power
  • RV Genertor: Provides reliable power for traveling and recreational vehicles in outdoor conditions of any kind

Contact us today for Generac generators that are capable of keeping the lights on during any storm. Call today and take advantage of our free site inspection. We proudly serve customers in Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Katy, and Waller, Texas, and surrounding communities.

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