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Extend the lifespan of your automatic generator by investing in our regularly-scheduled generator service. Without periodic service and regular repairs, your backup generator may begin to deteriorate over time. If a corroded battery fails, or coolant levels are allowed to drop, the lights may not come back on when the next catastrophic storm rolls through. That is what makes our preventative approach to generator maintenance so important.

When you decide to purchase one of our reliable generators for your residential or commercial property, you get one year of free maintenance from our fully-equipped and experienced team of repair technicians. With more than 30 years of combined experience working with these advanced generators, our technicians are trained to identify small issues that could lead to a failure and breakdown.

Stay connected to a steady power source, even when the rest of the neighborhood goes dark, by taking advantage of our approach to generator repairs. We are focused on keeping your generator ready for action when your power goes out. Our emphasis on preventative care doesn’t have to cost you a fortune when you invest in our generator maintenance plans. Your generator gets the regular care it needs, so you never have to discover an issue as a storm rages overhead.

House - Generator Maintenance & Service

Essential Generator Maintenance

Get the power solutions you need by purchasing one of our leading-edge generators right away. These advanced generators are easy to install and keep you connected to a steady power source when the public grid fails. In the meantime, your generator needs regular maintenance and repairs to work as it was designed. If your power is connected and the skies are clear, it can be easy to forget that your generator is even connected to your house. Any level of neglect when it comes to your generator could invite a serious failure when you can least afford it.

Plan ahead and get the regular generator maintenance you need without delay. Many commercial and residential clients need their generators for far more than just the lights. Homeowners rely on backup power systems to keep refrigerators running. In the event of a power failure, the health of you or a loved one could be at risk. An unexpected power failure could also lead to the loss of data stored on external hard drives. With so much at stake, why take the risk of your generator failing just to save a few dollars on monthly maintenance?

Our technicians will check:

  • Hose clamps
  • Fuel supply connections
  • Exhaust manifold bolts
  • Cooling system/Water levels
  • Battery and alternator voltage and frequency
  • Engine exerciser circuits

Our generator coverage plans include:

  • Engine oil changes
  • Oil, air and fuel filter replacements
  • Spark plug replacements
  • Adding water to the battery
  • Belt adjustments

Targeted Generator Repairs

Our maintenance process includes a full site evaluation and inspection of your generator. These technicians have an eye for detail, and that helps them to identify issues like low coolant levels and corroded battery connections. Should an essential part fail or a hose split, our team is prepared to provide prompt and professional generator repairs at a competitive price.

Depending on the manufacturer in question, there are various schedules for preventative maintenance and care. Our qualified inspectors and technicians are capable of providing you with regular cleanings and care that will keep your generator in top condition. Instead of spending more than you have to, or sitting in the dark while the storm rages on, make the investment in a protection plan for your generator.

Take advantage of our generator maintenance plans, and keep your generator working properly without a great deal of aggravation or added expense. Our team provides you with qualified inspections and periodic cleanings when needed. All parts are inspected and every filter is replaced according to the manufacturer’s maintenance program.

Contact us today to take advantage of our offer of a free site inspection with any generator service you purchase. We proudly serve customers and clients in Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Katy, and Waller, Texas, and surrounding communities.

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